Ads + Stories: How we spotlight your business

How does a business go about being featured in the Liberty Lake Yearbook?

Consider the example of Ponti Veterinary Hospital, a longtime advertiser who returned with a full page ad in the 2019 publication (linked here on page 53). As an advertiser, we also talked to them about utilizing a story to spotlight not only their own expertise, but also celebrate other great partners in our community. That immediately sparked the idea of honoring a local partner, Double J Dog Ranch, a nearby sanctuary for dogs with special needs. You can read the resulting story spotlight here. Just like with the ad ideas and design, the process of writing a story is full service for the participating business. In this case, we reported on the information, drafted the story and took the photo for the Ponti team so that they could focus on their everyday mission of taking care of the community’s pets and animals.

Of course, celebrating local heroes was just one of many story spotlight options businesses could choose from in 2019. The e-replica below shows the businesses that participated in our 2019 publication. Use the index to check out how we helped these businesses share their ad and story with everyone in Liberty Lake. (A small number of businesses are included with an ad only, by their choice).

Can we feature your ad and story in the 2020 Liberty Lake Yearbook? 

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“Many businesses take a ‘fingers crossed’ approach to marketing. The Liberty Lake Yearbook shares your ad and your story with the best market in the Inland Northwest so you can be doubly confident your investment is connecting with customers.”

Josh Johnson
Chief Storyteller, The Liberty Lake Yearbook

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