Liberty Lake: Do you want your phone number listed?

Residential listings have long been a staple of our annual Liberty Lake publication. Every year, we purchase public listings from landline phone providers to publish in our community yearbook. However, even when these listings are provided publicly, we want these listings to reflect the wishes of local residents. Please feel free to contact us in the following three scenarios:

  1. I don’t want to be listed. Many people don’t realize their phone company has marked their information as public, and they want to make sure their information is not published. No problem! We have a “never list” that we keep, well, forever. Email or call 509-999-4567 and let us know you DO NOT want your information published. It won’t be.
  2. My listing is incorrect. Please let us know, as we want to fix this. Email your correction to or call 509-999-4567. We will get this fixed. We will keep this correction on file to apply in future years if your listing comes to us again incorrectly.
  3. My listing is missing. This just means that you don’t have a public listing through the providers we work with. We would love to add you. Please send your info to or call 509-999-4567, and we will get you in the next edition. Please note that because people come and go from the community, missing listings must be sent to us on an annual basis. After all, we do not want to include your listing into perpetuity if you have since moved from the community.

Get in the Guides

We provide marketing insights through our email list and on this website, but the real magic happens when we get to work with our partners to actually apply these principles to their businesses. These are businesses seeking to connect with customers in Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake through our annual Guides. We breakdown the process in the quick four-page handout below.

Or, if you are already pleased with your marketing and just want the skinny on being a part of the annual Guides, that info is available here.

About Peridot Publishing

Founded in 2004, the mission of Peridot Publishing is “informing, connecting and inspiring communities.” The company produces and distributes a combined 16,000 copies of a pair of free annual publications, the Liberty Lake Guide and Spokane Valley Guide. The latter doubles as the annual membership directory for the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce. The publications are distributed in May.

For more than a decade, Chief Storyteller Josh Johnson has worked with hundreds of local small businesses, helping them connect to customers in Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake. He purchased The Liberty Lake Splash community newspaper in March 2004 and published it for 12 years before selling it in early 2016. He founded another community newspaper, The Spokane Valley Current, in February 2012 before selling that publication along with The Splash.

Today, he helps local businesses improve their marketing messages by focusing on the same kinds of principles that draw people into a good story.

Four Shifts to Unlock Your Marketing

Have you ever thought, “If only more people knew how we could help them, we would really take off?”

Let me guess. The thought felt overwhelming. How will you connect with these people? And if you do, how can you know the message you are trying to get across is being heard? And the worst part of all: How much money will you flush down the drain before you start unlocking the answers to these questions? It’s enough to scare people away from taking any action at all, which of course is just a cheaper way of still not solving the problem.

I understand. I wrestled with the same anxiety after I bought my hometown newspaper, The Liberty Lake Splash, when I was 26 years old. We quickly hit it off with readers, but I struggled getting consistent results for our advertisers. There would be times I would get feedback from advertisers who ran side-by-side in the same issue — one announcing a home run, the other frustrated about not getting a single hit. What gives?

It took me a while, but my background as a journalist turned out to be key to helping me spot the differences between the grand slam marketing effort and the strikeout. I learned that the principles of effective marketing overlap with the principles of telling a good story. Human beings intuitively connect with the concepts of story. It’s how we’re designed.

Unsure if your message is being heard? You don’t have to be. And you don’t have to break the bank by taking a shotgun approach to your marketing. The key is dialing in your message in much the same way you might grab someone’s attention with a great story.

You can learn more through a free resource we are offering this month.  Sign up for our marketing tips to connect you with customers in Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake and receive “Four Shifts to Unlock Your Marketing.”  These four tips will help you hone a message that can apply to any great medium, from email campaigns to social media to print advertising.

You can have confidence that your marketing will do what you need it to do: Connect your business with local customers.



And if your target market includes Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake, we would love to roll up our sleeves alongside you in crafting a compelling message that will get the attention of your target customer. You can learn more about that process here.