About Peridot Publishing

Founded in 2004, the mission of Peridot Publishing is “informing, connecting and inspiring communities.” The company produces and distributes a combined 16,000 copies of a pair of free annual publications, the Liberty Lake Guide and Spokane Valley Guide. The latter doubles as the annual membership directory for the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce. The publications are distributed in May.

For more than a decade, Chief Storyteller Josh Johnson has worked with hundreds of local small businesses, helping them connect to customers in Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake. He purchased The Liberty Lake Splash community newspaper in March 2004 and published it for 12 years before selling it in early 2016. He founded another community newspaper, The Spokane Valley Current, in February 2012 before selling that publication along with The Splash.

Today, he helps local businesses improve their marketing messages by focusing on the same kinds of principles that draw people into a good story.

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